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About Us

Our front desk teamCoastal Family Wellness has been a fixture in the Pacifica community for several decades. Dr. Lisa Walsh, who has been practicing since 2002, bought our chiropractic office in 2017. Previously, it was run by two chiropractors. They have since retired.

Breathing New Life into the Practice

Dr. Lisa has been on a mission to rebuild the practice since she purchased it. “I wanted to infuse energy into it.” To best serve the local community, she wanted to take it in a new direction. Formerly, she had a practice in San Mateo. Now, Dr. Lisa is delighted to be back in our community, connecting with patients and fellow residents.

Providing Nurturing Care for the Entire Family

At our chiropractic care center, we welcome every member of the family. Dr. Lisa loves seeing children and their parents come in together for care. She can address your child’s earaches, tongue-tie or ADD. If you have back pain or want to improve your function, you’ll get the care you need.

Warm and compassionate, Dr. Lisa takes the time to listen to her patients. She enjoys building long-lasting relationships with them. She also provides customized care plans for each family member to achieve incredible results.

Healing From the Inside Out

While conventional medicine takes an outside-in approach to health care in the form of drugs and surgery, chiropractic help people heal from the inside out. When interference in the nervous system is removed, remarkable changes in health can take place.

Offering Nutritional Counseling

One of the components of Dr. Lisa’s natural approach is nutritional counseling. Whether you want to lose weight, address digestive issues or manage allergies, her customized dietary plans support total wellness. She also offers detoxification plans. These help rid the body of harmful heavy metals and other substances.

Get Started Today

Take that first step toward better health. Contact our chiropractic office today to book an appointment. We’re open on Saturdays for your convenience. Be sure to check Facebook for our monthly special!

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