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Brain-Based Chiropractic
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Many times, children are born with neurological deficits that we don’t even know about, and we may not know about until they reach school age. With chiropractic, we can check for these things early on to prevent issues that may arise later.

Brain-based chiropractic is actually the original basis of chiropractic. It’s the ability to change the input that goes into the brain.

Discovering the Problem

Dr. Lisa finds where the interference is by using the Insight scanner to detect minute dysregulations along the spine. These create interference in the way the brain and body communicate. This disruption affects learning, behavior and social engagement.

The Insight scanner is our primary diagnostic tool. It’s super-sensitive and can work on anyone, from infants to adults. Un-diagnosed adults can benefit as well.

The RightEye Vision Tool

The eyes are the windows to the brain; their function lets us know what’s happening on a deeper level. It uses eye tracking technology and prints a report that indicates which areas of the brain are challenged. What processes need work?

It tells us what we need to improve upon to help the brain become more engaged, more “turned on” and open, by giving us a window into the deficits we see. RightEye measures the internal deficits by tracking.

The tool comes with exercises and activities designed to target the deficiencies. A more advanced tool, it has also been used with adults to increase sports performance.

Headaches and more – Dr. Lisa had a man came in with piercing headaches and dizzy spells so bad he couldn’t function. She was able to trace the problem back to his early development. She found many challenges that have impacted his adult life.

Adults are more likely to ignore the signs and try to handle it on their own. The problem can manifest as anxiety, depression, etc. A traumatic injury can also bring out early development issues. Dr. Lisa’s job is “unsticking” these nervous systems.

Teenage Angst – A HS student was dealing with major anxiety and dyslexia. She was bullied, couldn’t engage socially with her peers and became depressed from the challenges. After Dr. Lisa started treating her, her academics improved within weeks, and she made a friend. After a few weeks, she started to go on bike rides and be more social. By the six-month mark, her academic achievements had soared to new heights.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a brain disorder in which individuals misinterpret everyday information coming in from the five senses: touch, vision, sound, smell and taste. Children with SPD are often misunderstood and labeled as: aggressive, anxious, clumsy, inattentive, and “DIFFICULT”. Some of the contributing factors for SPD are environment, birth trauma, breech birth or C-Section birth, and hereditary and spinal subluxations.

If you’re calling about a sensory processing issue with your child, Dr. Lisa will first meet with you by setting up a parents-only consultation virtually or in person. The consultation takes about an hour.

We’ll do a detailed intake and find out exactly where your child has issues, and what type of sensory problems or sensory dysregulation might be present. Then we’ll schedule a very detailed exam which usually takes about an hour and a half. Sometimes she’ll break that up into two visits, depending on your child’s attention span.

Dr. Lisa will inform you what program she thinks would be best for your child. For Neuro-Sensory issues, the plan of care is 6-12 month; we require that commitment up front. We are only able to accept a certain number of patients at a time as spaces are limited.

As part of our Neuro-Sensory program, we have implemented a Four Pillar Whole Body Approach:

Pillar 1 – We begin with a series of chiropractic adjustments in order to create more organization in the nervous system. This is the foundation of our Brain Based Program which we call “tilling the soil.”

Pillar 2 – Next, we move into nutrition and gut rehab. At this point, we’ll recommend a specific testing plan for your child. This can be for food allergies, heavy metal, and stool sampling to determine whether detoxification is needed. We will establish a specific nutritional regimen based on these results.

Pillar 3 – This is when the real fun begins as we implement Neuro-Deflective retraining. In these visits, we add in various movement and exercise protocols in order to inhibit primitive reflexes, and improve sensory processing.

Pillar 4 – Sets the family up for on-going success by sharing our interactive brain based coaching skills for parents and caregivers.
We will also introduce you to our supportive on-line community where families can interact and share their own experiences / challenges with each other.

This Four Pillar Whole Body approach is designed to improve social behavior, academic performance, motor learning, physical and emotional health, and overall well-being for your child.

Help is Finally Available

We know how difficult it is to deal with Neuro-Sensory disorders, Dr. Lisa has a child who sustained traumatic brain injury which mimics many of the same presentations as a child on the spectrum. That’s one reason she is so passionate about helping your child be his best. Book an appointment today and get the help your child really needs.

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