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Care At Your Home at Coastal Family Wellness

Coastal Family Wellness is passionate about making natural wellness accessible to families of all kinds. We understand that many neuro-sensory challenges come with difficulty leaving the house. Our practice offers in-home chiropractic care to reach those in need.

We are proud to offer treatment within the comfort of your own home. Learn more about this unique care option. Limited spots available.

Our Approach to Care

Chiropractic care is a natural way to keep you and your loved ones healthy. While we prefer in-office visits, we realize this is simply not an option for some families. Dr. Lisa is here to be sure your family receives the same compassionate, thorough chiropractic care within your safe space.

When Dr. Lisa comes to your home, she will arrive with her adjustment table and her skillset at the ready. She will begin by setting up her equipment. She will then invite each family member, one by one, to her table to be adjusted.

Dr. Lisa maintains her gentle, individualized approach to chiropractic care no matter the setting.

Balance and Harmony

We would love nothing more than to get your entire family under our care. In-home chiropractic care usually begins with the child, but it is common for parents to see the benefits and realize they, too, need help. While your child’s health is critical, it is equally as important to maintain your own health as their caregiver. It often goes unrecognized that siblings of children with neuro-sensory challenges are also affected by daily stress in the home.

We believe that when each family member has a happy nervous system, balance and harmony exists within the family unit. From younger sister, to Mom and Dad, to older brother – Dr. Lisa is dedicated to ensuring optimal health and wellness and promoting peace inside your home.

Schedule Today

Dr. Lisa looks forward to bringing holistic wellness to your front door. Contact our practice to check availability and schedule your in-home appointments.

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