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Chiropractic Care

With chiropractic care, we address the function of the nervous system. For children with brain traumas or brain dysregulation chiropractic checks are even more crucial. It’s important to establish proper brain-body communication.

Chiropractic is not just correcting misalignments in the spine by moving bones. It’s correcting an ongoing situation that’s creating havoc in your nervous system. We’re actually inputting info, through your adjustment, telling it to release. Dr. Lisa says “We find the problem and stop it from doing any more damage.”

Regardless of what you come in for, our objective is to find the cause of your condition, address your symptoms and help you function better. Adults under care can experience a greater range of motion, better sleep, restored function and more. Kids who receive chiropractic often see improvements in their physical functioning including walking, crawling, and coordination.

We see many children who come in with ADD/ADHD, asthma and similar issues. The medical approach to these conditions involves medication, which has many associated side effects. After receiving chiropractic care, many of our young patients are able to experience improvement in their health without the use of drugs.

Dr. Lisa believes you can’t just treat the physical effects of stress on the body. You have to treat the chemical and emotional stress as well. Chemical stress comes from your environment – including fast food. “Consuming bad chemicals and toxic substances hinder your ability to heal.”

She uses allergy testing to determine which foods are causing inflammation in your system. By removing the “bad stuff”, you eliminate a huge amount of stress on your child’s and your system.

We offer an array of techniques that are custom-tailored to each patient. Dr. Lisa uses the following:

Activator Methods® -This instrument-assisted technique applies a light force that is ideal for young children and older adults.

Cranial – With this type of adjustment, skull bones can be freed up, and tension in the skull or face can be alleviated.

Diversified -This is a manual technique that uses a specific thrust to free up stuck joints.

Drop Table – With this technique a particular table is used to reduce the amount of energy required to adjust the spine.

Impulse® – This handheld instrument delivers a measured & directed, but low force, thrust that is considerably faster than is possible by hand.

Logan Basic – With this technique, the muscles that control balance in the spine are addressed to release tension.

Dr. Lisa will take the first few adjustment sessions to determine what type of technique is going to work best with your body and how your body wants to move.

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