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Meet Dr. Lisa Walsh

One of the reasons Dr. Lisa loves chiro is that she gets to do something she doesn’t consider work! She loves helping and engaging with her patients on a level that brings so much happiness to their lives. Bringing wellness to them is so fulfilling.

Why Chiropractic?

“I was an athlete growing up, and was planning on attending physical therapy school, so I always wanted to work with people in a physical way.” Dr. Lisa first earned a degree in Human Biodynamics from UC Berkeley. She met a student there who turned her on to chiropractic. “He got me really pumped up about it.”

Dr. Lisa likes that, with chiropractic care, she can help patients get better. “I worked in a physical therapy office. A lot of people would come in and have to return because they weren’t better.” She didn’t see them improving much and heard that chiropractic care is more effective in enhancing one’s health.

An Education in Chiropractic and More

Dr. Lisa earned a degree in Human Biodynamics from UC Berkeley. In 2001, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West with her Doctor of Chiropractic. She moved to Pacifica because the lifestyle and the community spoke to her.

A Woman on a Mission

Through the years of working in other offices, Dr. Lisa had to follow someone else’s mission. Finally, she purchased the practice she would rebuild as Coastal Family Wellness. Located here in her hometown, she was thrilled to be able to put her stamp on it. Feeling inspired and energized, Dr. Lisa loves providing healing services to patients, young and old.

The Practice Today

Dr. Lisa is passionate about helping children and just as passionate about your health and wellbeing. Providing results that go beyond the expectations of her patients is her goal. Patients come in after a treatment for one issue and mention another unrelated benefit as a result of adjustment. Working with family groups is especially rewarding. Getting healthy as a family helps the family stay healthy.

A mom of five children, Dr. Lisa loves helping kids enjoy optimal health that comes with having a healthy nervous system. “I’ve always been drawn to working with kids. I just love working with them-it makes me happy.”

She sees children of all ages and can manage an array of common childhood conditions. Dr. Lisa can address neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. In addition, she can help with ear infections, allergies and sports injuries.

Dr. Lisa continues to learn more about all areas of her practice. She has earned the following:

  • ICPA- International Chiropractic Pediatrics Certification – Webster technique
  • Developing Minds – Neurological Development and Social Behavior Certified
  • Focus Academy – Trained in Neuro-Deflective Retraining Method
  • Solving Learning Disabilities – certified in ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism training
  • Total Body Modification training
  • Member of Intersect4Life, Dr. Monika Buerger -training in neuro-developmental disorders
  • The Pediatric Experince – certification of proficiency in Pediatric and Family Chiropractic care
  • Focused Certified Practitioner – specialized training in pediatric care

Dr. Lisa is on a crusade to educate parents and anyone else who interacts with children that there are NO BAD KIDS! She is passionate educator about sensory processing issues and how they affect learning and development. She wants to help kids avoid constant disciplinary measures, or being labeled (and possibly misdiagnosed) with conditions that would result in them being put on life-altering drugs. That’s why she started conducting workshops in the area with community groups and at our schools. Contact our practice to find out when her next talk will be.

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and their kids, who range in age from 5 to 24. Keeping up with their various activities keeps her busy. Two sons play baseball and her daughter is a competitive cheerleader and plays softball. Dr. Lisa’s favorite things are spending quality time with her family, practicing yoga and kickboxing, hiking and biking.

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Dr. Lisa & Dr. Jackie would love to help you get back to living life to its fullest. Are you ready? Contact us today, (650) 359-6800; we’re here for you.

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