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Family Chiropractic at Coastal Family Wellness

Dr. Lisa with newborn and familyDr. Lisa is passionate about working with entire families, including infants and children. She uses chiropractic as the foundation for optimum health which boosts immune function. She specializes in treating children with allergies, asthma & other illnesses, but also enjoys seeing patients for general maintenance & wellness care.??Dr. Lisa takes a holistic approach to health care. Patients are guided through a series of chiropractic programs that assist the body in eliminating structural, biochemical, and emotional imbalances, all of which can lead to a decline in overall health and wellness.

Better Health Naturally and Holistically

Dr. Lisa’s natural approach includes nutritional counseling for the entire family. Whether the goal is managing weight, addressing digestive issues, or managing allergies, her personalized dietary plans support total wellness. Dr. Lisa also offers detoxification plans for ridding the body of heavy metals and other harmful substances.

As she builds relationships with her patients, Dr. Lisa provides customized treatment plans for each family member. In a warm, nurturing environment, she gives her patients the best care for their optimal health.

Let’s Talk About It

Dr. Lisa encourages families to come in at the same time for care. When families get healthy together, they help each other stay healthy. Each family member gets adjusted and she speaks to them individually. Starting with chiropractic, she may discuss nutrition, supplements or your gut. Treatment is tailored to your need.

She may suggest dietary changes to the family as a whole to be practical. Changing food habits show benefits for the family, not just the individual. Supplements may be recommended based on need. We work with only the highest quality companies: Standard Process, Klaire Labs, Designs for Health and others.

Get Healthy Together

Ready to take your health – and your family’s too – to another level? Make an appointment for your free consultation today and get started. Contact Coastal Family Wellness; we’re waiting for your call!

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