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New Patients at Coastal Family Wellness

Welcome to Coastal Family Wellness! Our welcoming, airy and relaxing environment is the ideal place to begin your journey toward healing and optimal health. You’ll be offered tea or water from one of our staff members. We are also a very kid-friendly practice, with an assortment of toys and puzzles available for your little ones.


To save time, we’ll email our new patient paperwork to you ahead of time, so you can complete it online.

When you call to schedule your first appointment, we’ll offer you the option to have a free phone consultation with Dr. Lisa. Think of this as a way of “interviewing” our office to see if we’re a good fit for your family’s health care needs. The doctor will listen to your concerns and suggest a next step based on your specific issues. She will also give you the approximate cost and duration of treatment at that time.

During your first appointment with Dr. Lisa, you can expect the following:

  • A more in-depth Consultation
  • Health History
  • An Exam
  • Posture Photos
  • Insight Scan
  • The RightEye Vision System™

Please note the insight scan this is a three-part, non-invasive scan to get a deeper look into the nervous system. Please allow 30-45 minutes for this appointment.

The RightEye Vision System is the world’s first commercialized eye-tracking solution for general healthcare and wellness-It is nothing like traditional vision tests.


The Report of Findings and the first adjustment will take place either later that same day, or the next day. It typically takes about 30 minutes. Dr. Lisa will explain the findings of your exam and will review with you her specific recommendations for care. This is called the corrective care plan, or Phase 1 of care. During your treatment plan, the objectives are to start resolving your primary complaint, by improving your nervous system function. Then you will move into Phase 2, where we build resilience in your body and longer lasting results.

We offer monthly plans for care at our practice which we will discuss with you during your report of findings visit.
Regularly scheduled visits are much quicker at about 10 to 15 minutes each.


After the initial phase 1 which typically takes anywhere from 2-4 months, you’ll have the option to graduate to phase 2, which is a stabilization plan. Frequency of care drops down. This is not mandatory, but most of our patients choose to continue enjoying the benefits of a healthier nervous system. We also offer maintenance plans. When it comes to kids who have neurosensory issues, their care plans are more long term (usually 6-24 months).

Are you ready to get on the path toward better health? Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’re open alternate Saturdays.

New Patients at Coastal Family Wellness | (650) 359-6800