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New Patients at Coastal Family Wellness

Welcome to Coastal Family Wellness! Our open and inviting office offers a relaxing environment and is the ideal place to begin your journey toward healing and optimal health. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Jackie specializes in caring for children of all ages, especially those with neuro-sensory challenges. We would love nothing more than to help your entire family live life to the fullest.

Before You Come In

We want to hear your story! Your first step on this journey is to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with our doctors. This free call is our way of determining the type of care that your family needs. Our goal is to ask and answer questions, and make this an easy transition for the whole family into the treatment process.

If you choose to start care with us, we will then email you our new patient paperwork and help you set up your first visit.


Your First Visit

Your initial appointment with Dr. Lisa or Dr. Jackie will be all about getting to know you or your child and your needs. She will begin with a more in-depth discussion about your health history and current concerns. After your conversation and taking time to build rapport with your child, she will start her non-invasive examination procedure, which includes:

  • Posture imaging
  • INSiGHT™ nerve scan

After going over your examination findings, and if you are comfortable accepting the care plan offered, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Jackie will typically wrap up this 45-minute appointment with a gentle, specific adjustment.

Hope for Tomorrow

The next time we see you, we want to give you hope. Your second appointment with Dr. Lisa and Dr. Jackie will be dedicated to going over the Report of Findings. It will explain the results of the exam as well as her individualized recommendations for care. This is called the corrective care plan or Phase 1 of care.

At this time, be sure to ask any questions you might have for us. Dr. Lisa wants to make sure you and your child feel heard, understood, and ready for brighter days ahead. Frequency and duration of care vary from case to case.

Schedule Your Appointment

Are you ready to get on the path to better health? We are ready for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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