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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Pacifica

While drug-free chiropractic care is beneficial during every stage of pregnancy, it’s also helpful preconception. Often, women may be carrying into pregnancy a toxic load from foods they’re eating. We provide nutritional counseling that can allow women to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Moreover, because chiropractic adjustments can reduce or eliminate nervous system interference, it may become easier to conceive.

Benefits of Chiropractic During Pregnancy

  • Chiropractic can help to
  • Restore pelvic balance
  • Control nausea or “morning sickness”
  • Relieve back pain
  • Reduce labor and delivery time

Gentle Care

Dr. Lisa provides highly gentle care to pregnant women. “We’re removing imbalances with their body,” she says. “Chiropractic is about working with the woman’s natural body movements and improving range of motion and functionality.”

Decreases Need for Interventions

With chiropractic, pregnant women can often avoid various medication interventions such as forceps, suction and C-sections during the birth process.

Dr. Lisa’s goal is to support moms-to-be in whatever birth circumstances they choose, including home births. She had three home water births herself so she can bring her own experience to the table.

She works in cooperation with midwives, doulas and, in certain cases, the medical community as well.

The Webster Technique

This technique is designed to provide ideal conditions in the mom’s pelvis so that the baby can assume the best birth position. We call it optimal fetal alignment, which is the head down position. Dr. Lisa will not turn your baby; instead, she will ensure that your pelvis is aligned so that your baby can be encouraged to take that proper positioning.

When your baby is in the proper position, you will likely have less labor time for the most part, less pushing, and less need for intervention. Your baby also will be healthier.

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